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Craft for the Summer Games

Whether you’re creating invitations for your children’s Summer Games party or educating the kids through craft, these fun DIY projects will inspire a whole new generation of Summer Games hopefuls!

Crafting with kids

Summer Games party invitations

If you’re hosting a Summer Games party for your friends or your children’s friends, one of the first things on your to-do list is to craft some cute themed invitations. You have many different Olympics related options to choose from, so consider the age and interests of the attendees to create something suitable. You could try cutting out a piece of card in the shape of the Olympic rings and writing the details of the party (address, time, date, RSVP, etc.) inside each coloured ring. Alternatively, show your Aussie loyalty with green and gold, perhaps in quirky checks, spots or stripes. You may even like to cut out the body outline of an athlete and use a speech bubble to share all of the party details.

Pom-poms and posters

If your family plans on gathering around the TV and cheering on the athletes night after night, boost the enthusiasm levels even further by encouraging your kids to make their own pom-poms and posters. Simply cut a large bunch of crepe paper into strips, secure around one end with sticky tape, and attach to a ruler or a water bottle. You could opt for green or gold streamers or embrace all colours of the Olympic rings. Also buy a few large sheets of cardboard and let your kids come up with their own chants for their favourite teams or athletes. They’ll love inviting their friends around and cheering on our talented Olympians.

Olympic torch

Make your own flame by rolling a piece of paper up to form a cone shape, securing the edges with sticky tape, and filling it with red, orange and yellow crepe paper or tissue paper to resemble the Summer Games flame. Your kids can wave it around or practise running and passing it for a fun role play idea.

The winning medals

While they might not be made of gold, silver or bronze, your kids will love creating some winning medals with their own sentimental value. They can either draw or paint pictures on gold, silver and bronze-coloured paper, or they can try experimenting with rubbings. Simply find a textured surface such as a coin to place under a thin piece of paper, and rub a pencil across the paper to create a raised image. Attach ribbon to the paper medals with staples or sticky tape — and everyone’s a winner!

Rhythmic gymnastics ribbon

Little gymnasts and dancers will love jumping around with these cute props! Simply attach a coloured streamer or a long ribbon to the end of a piece of dowel or a wooden spoon, and watch your kids have fun trying to make shapes and flick the wand around. Press play on some music and you’ve got weekend entertainment for free!

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