Nifty lunchboxes or containers that make lunch time fun and fresh

Packing lunch in the right container could be just the thing you need to keep your child’s lunchbox interesting and varied. Containers with compartments make it easy to prepare a portioned meal while individual smaller boxes make for perfect morning and afternoon snack breaks. Here are some nifty lunchbox ideas to keep your child’s lunch fun and fresh.

eco lunchboxEco-friendly lunchboxes

The ECOlunchbox Stainless Steel Food Containers are environmentally friendly, toxic free, reusable containers made from high quality stainless steel free of BPA and lead. The lid is kept secure by hinged snaps and the boxes have a two tier structure with a no leak cup for wet foods. Use the containers to pack fresh pieces of fruit, a mixed salad or other soft foods to ensure they don’t get squashed.

nude lunch boxes

Move over

Nude Food Movers encourage a packaging-free lunch with custom made boxes designed to fit a range of food shapes and sizes. The Meal Box and Food Box are ideal for pastas, salads or last night’s left overs. Their snack range includes the Banana Mover to prevent bananas from bruising, an air tight Muffin Holder, and the Snack Tubes means you can mix all types of fruits, nuts, crackers and dip for a perfect snack.

klipo lunch boxes

Clip it

Keep lunch sealed in freshness with the Klipo range from Sistema. The containers are stackable, versatile and easy to use. The lockable clips ensure the lids remain fixed and the brightly coloured containers are sure to appeal to kids. The range is available in a multitude of sizes making them versatile and easy to transport. The Kilpo Round box is ideal for snacks like dried fruit and nuts or savoury biscuits and rice crackers.

easy lunch boxes

Multiple compartments

Pack an organised lunch with a compartmentalised container from the Easy Lunchbox System. Each box is divided into three compartments so you can pack a healthy lunch with varied food choices. The large compartment is fit for a sandwich or main entrée while the two smaller sections are ideal for side dishes, making portion control easy. The lunchboxes have easy-open lids and are made from BPA-free plastic.

easy lunch boxes setKeep it cool

This vinyl-free, insulated lunch bag has plenty of room for a container, a water bottle, ice block and an extra snack. The washable bag is available in seven different colours, is easy to carry and quick to open. The cooler lunch bags are the perfect size for the Easy Lunchbox containers and will keep lunch fresh and cold until your little one is ready to enjoy it.

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