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How to pack a sandwich-free lunch

Packing lunchboxes can become monotonous and not all children enjoy eating sandwiches. While sandwiches are often the easiest lunchbox option, if your child won’t eat them then you’ll need to find some creative ways to fill their tummy for the day. With a little inspiration and some quick and easy ideas, you can make lunch time a little more interesting.

girl with packed lunchTortilla rollups

This can be a really healthy lunchbox treat. Buy plain flour tortillas, wholemeal pita wraps or green spinach tortillas. Fill with slices of cold meats such as ham, turkey or chicken and pair with lettuce, tomato and cheese. You can even keep it simple and spread mashed avocado, vegemite or peanut butter and jam on a tortilla, roll it up and cut into small portions.

Easy, cheesy pasta

Use leftover pasta bake from dinner the night before and pack into a small container for a delicious lunch snack. Keep the pasta meal simple to ensure it is tasty but not overdone. Try a cheese pasta with peas and slices of hotdog sausages such as this recipe from Disney Family or the all-time family favourite, macaroni and cheese.


Cram a little protein and vegetables into your child’s lunchbox with a savoury skewer. Chop up small blocks of cheese, pieces of ham, cocktail sausages, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber for a tasty lunchbox treat. For a sweet alternative, chop up fruit into bite size pieces to create a rainbow of fruits on a skewer. Use as many different fruits as you like or stick to three or four fruits that your child really likes to ensure they eat it.


Scones are easy to make and a great way to give your child something substantial to eat. Make them more nutritious by adding some fruit or vegetables. For savoury flavours, try cheese, bacon/ham, or pumpkin scones. For something sweet, opt for scones with dried fruit pieces, apple and muesli, chocolate chips or a plain scone with strawberry jam.

Homemade sausage rolls

Try homemade sausage rolls for a lunchbox treat that can be prepared in advanced and enjoyed cold. Using frozen pastry sheets and chicken and pork mince, instead of the preservative-laden sausage meat, homemade sausage rolls always go down well. You can also sneak in a couple of vegetables like onion and grated carrot for extra flavour. Try this recipe from KidSpot.

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