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5 Australian dad bloggers that we can’t get enough of

Mummy bloggers are dominating the parenting scene, but let’s not forget about dear old dad. If you’re looking for a father’s perspective on this whole parenting gig, these dad bloggers won’t disappoint. They’re funny, they’re honest, they’re real — and they’re breaking all kinds of outdated stereotypes about dads. These awesome Aussie dad blogs are a must for any parent to read.

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1. Raising 3 Daughters

Just a word of warning, the Raising 3 Daughters blog now has an addendum — Australian dad blogger James has another little one on the way. The soon-to-be father of four, also a member of the Australian Defence Force, has made it his mission to use his blog to connect with dads all around the world, and he’s doing a pretty darn good job at it. James’ candid and diverse blog focuses on a wide range of topics that might fall within the “dad-o-sphere,” like helping families deal with deployment, tackling specific issues military fathers may face and even learning to develop healthy habits with kids. The captivating “Why I Blog” series can turn you on to plenty of other dad bloggers who hail from the land of Oz.

2. The 40 Yr Old Dad

40-year-old dad
Image: The 40 Yr Old Dad

Older dads, unite! This clever blog is the digital brainchild of Australian screenwriter and comedian Justin Bechtold, who became a father for the first time at the tender age of 40. Justin’s story is special since the births of his two little “chatterboxes” came after 10 years of fertility struggles, including nine failed IVF attempts and several miscarriages, with his wife. Middle-aged fatherhood is even sweeter from the perspective of a home-dad who also happens to be quite funny. As Justin’s blog tagline so aptly says, “Parenting begins at 40.”

3. Reservoir Dad

Clint is Reservoir Dad, a stay-at-home-dad who is working away on a novel while also parenting his four wee ones. He is currently enrolled in a Novel Manuscript Development Course and writing 5,000 words per week, so his blog is a bit quieter than usual. He and his wife assumed their kids would be happier at home than at child care, and since Reservoir Mum made more money and loved her private physiotherapist practice it was logical that he would care for the children during the day. His posts are sometimes sprinkled with an f-bomb, but his take on parenthood is spot on and so relatable. When he wrote about his answer to a simple question his son asked at bedtime, we were hooked.

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4. Tot: Hot or Not

Moonlit Sanctuary
Image: Tot: Hot or Not

Tim is the dad blogger on this site, and he and his wife Joyce blog about their experiences as they ventured into the unknown territory of pregnancy and parenthood. They share experiences with their little one and write great reviews of kid-friendly places around Melbourne. Their latest post on a trip to the Moonlit Sanctuary on the Mornington Peninsula will tell you everything you need to know to have an afternoon of family fun.

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5. Aussie Daddy Bloggers

We saved this one for last since it is the catch-all for many of the most talented dad bloggers from Down Under. The contributors’ list is long and eclectic, including the likes of Reservoir Dad and The 40 Yr Old Dad (both on this list), Kangaroo Dad, Dad Rites, Dadinating and much more. On this all-encompassing blog, you’ll find dozens of smart, funny and sensitive dads all in one place. This is the kind of comfortable blog where fellow dads can meet and greet, and almost any parent can learn a thing or two. James Tew’s recent post on dad shaming is a big step forward in breaking gendered parenting stereotypes.

Updated by Bethany Ramos on 3/15/2016

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