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10 Australian mum bloggers who have broken the mold

6. Move, Fuel, Love

Chocolate tart recipe
Image: Move, Fuel, Love

Sarah is wife to a hippy husband and between them they are raising six kids. She is also a registered nurse and midwife and shares a lot about her home water-birth experience, tales of raising six kids and anything else that comes to her mind to share. Sarah recently transformed her popular pregnancy blog into a blog with a health and fitness slant, with topics related to travel, running and ultra-delicious home-style recipes.

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7. Planning with Kids

Day in the life of a working mum
Image: Planning with Kids

Can you really use the words planning and kids in the same sentence? Nicole Avery says you can, and her blog is full of her tips and tricks to organising the chaos of family life. She is a mother of five and author of the book entitled (you guessed it) Planning with Kids. Every aspect of planning your life with kids is covered on her blog — bedtime routines, meal planning, play and morning tasks to name just a few. You will likely come away with at least a few new ideas to try.

“The purpose of the blog is to share simple ways that you can plan your family life to take the stress out of parenting and running a household: Just a little bit of planning can leave more time to spend having fun with the kids, having timeout for yourself and having time for things to go wrong,” says Nicole.

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8. Squiggle Mum/Squiggle Books

Mr. Huff book
Image: Squiggle Books

Catherine’s blog has such a comforting feel to it, and we love the name! She is a writer, teacher, outdoor play advocate and lover of books. There is so much information on Catherine’s blog, you could spend a whole naptime checking out her site. And speaking of being a book lover, Catherine finally took the plunge and started Squiggle Books in early 2015, putting Squiggle Mum to rest. Thankfully, Squiggle Books is still an adorable and captivating resource for mums and kids who love to read.

9. The Little Mumma

The Little Mumma
Image: The Little Mumma

Angie is the feisty mum who writes this blog. She admits to using colourful language and isn’t sorry for it. She has three cute kiddos with enviably quirky names like Luca, Ziggy and Harlow. She shares her pregnancy and breastfeeding pictures and anything else she thinks someone might enjoy reading — with some raw inspiration thrown in for good measure.

As Angie explains, “The Little Mumma is one mum’s take on motherhood, womanhood and keeping dreams alive while drinking vodka through a straw. [I] specialise in truth bombs and f-bombs but also heart bombs (if they were a thing).”

10. The Organised Housewife

Easter crackle eggs
Image: The Organised Housewife

Katrina is a wife and mother of three kids, and she is based on the Gold Coast. On her blog, Katrina explains that she wasn’t always so organised, but experiencing her share of struggles really helped her settle into a routine that helped her keep things in the house under control. Her blog is full of recipes and ideas that will help you do the same.

Now it’s your turn

We certainly had a hard time narrowing down the selection to only ten. So please share with us, which mummy blog do you love?

Updated by Bethany Ramos on 3/17/2016

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