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Top 10 Baby names in Australia

While there is no national government registry recording baby name trends Australia-wide, state government statistics reveal that there is little difference between the most popular baby names, regardless of where you live. So, what are Australia top 10 baby names?

What’s in a name?

It’s official: in just a few short years, kindergarten classrooms across Australia will be over-run with little William’s, Jack’s and Oliver’s.

Joining them will be plenty of Charlotte’s, Isabella’s and Lily’s, according to the latest name data, which shows that old school rules and classic names are well and truly in vogue.

Baby girl names


In NSW, the top 10 baby names for girls in 2009 were:

  1. Charlotte
  2. Emily
  3. Chloe
  4. Ella
  5. Isabella
  6. Lily
  7. Ruby
  8. Olivia
  9. Amelia
  10. Mia


In Queensland, the list was practically a mirror image -albeit in a different order – with the only anomaly being Amelia. In Queensland, Amelia falls to 14th place, with Sophie taking its place in the top ten:

  1. Chloe
  2. Isabella
  3. Mia
  4. Charlotte
  5. Ella
  6. Emily
  7. Sophie
  8. Olivia
  9. Lily
  10. Ruby


Meanwhile in Victoria, Amelia and Sophie occupy 13th and 14th position, with Ava making the top 10 of the most popular baby name in Australia:

  1. Olivia
  2. Mia
  3. Chloe
  4. Ruby
  5. Isabella
  6. Charlotte
  7. Ella
  8. Emily
  9. Lily
  10. Ava

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