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Top Australian baby names

Are you looking for the top boy and girl baby names in Australia? Some older, traditional names that were popular at the beginning of the 20th century — such as John and Mary — aren’t on this list. Today’s Australian parents are choosing more modern-sounding yet traditional names, and reveling in European influences. Check out our Top 50 list of the most popular Australian names and their meanings.

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The name Jack continues to maintain its hold in the top spot for boys (it’s been the top name for five years straight) while Mia is the top contender for newborn girls. Today’s Australian parents are gravitating towards softer, feminine names (typically ending in a vowel sound) for their daughters as well as those of European origin. Many boy names on the list are Biblical or Hebrew in origin, and parents are favoring names that end in a strong-sounding consonant sound, such as “er” or “en.”

Top 25 baby boy names in australia

1. Jack: This name is a version of the name John, which means “the Lord is gracious.”
2. William: This name has Old German origins and means “protection, will helmet.”
3. Lachlan: Irish in origin, this name means “land of lakes.”
4. Joshua: This Hebrew name means “Jehovah is salvation.”
5. Cooper: This Old English occupational name means “barrel maker.”
6. Riley: An Old English name, this means “rye cleaning.”
7. Thomas: Meaning “twin,” this name has Aramaic origins.
8. Oliver: This name has Latin origins and means “olive tree.”
9. James: Another version of the name Jacob; Hebrew name meaning “he who supplants.”
10. Benjamin: Means “son of the right hand; son of the south and is of Hebrew origin.
11. Ethan: From Hebrew, this name means “firmness, long lived.”
12. Daniel: Meaning “God is my judge,” Of Hebrew origin and is well known from the Bible.
13. Noah: This is another well-known name from the Bible, and it means “peaceful.”
14. Samuel: This Hebrew name means “God heard.”
15. Liam: This is a version of the German name William.
16. Ryan: A Gaelic name, this has the meaning of “king.”
17. Alexander: This Greek name means “man’s defender, warrior.”
18. Max: Short form of Maxmilian or Maxwell and is popularly bestowed as an independent name. 19. Jacob: Of Hebrew origin, this means “he who supplants.”
20. Jayden: Meaning “Jehovah has heard,” Another version of the name Jadon; Hebrew roots.
21. Matthew: From Hebrew, this name means “gift of the Lord.”
22. Lucas: This is another version of the name Luke.
23. Isaac: This name means “laughter.”
24. Luke: A Greek name, this means from “Lucanus.”
25. Nicholas: This name has Greek roots and it means “people of victory.”

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Top 25 baby girl names in Australia

1. Mia: This name is of Israeli, Latin and Scandinavian origins.
2. Chloe: This name means “blooming” and is of Greek origin.
3. Isabelle: Of Latin origin, this name means “God’s promise.”
4. Emily: Of Latin origin, this name means “rival, laborious, eager.”
5. Olivia: This name is Latin in origin and comes from “olive tree.”
6. Ella: Of Old German origins, this name means “other, foreign.”
7. Charlotte: Meaning “little and womanly,” this name is of French origin.
8. Sienna: This Latin name means “from Siena.”
9. Sophie: Meaning “wisdom,” this is another version of the name Sophia.
10. Ava: Exact origins unknown, but it name might be from the Latin word avis, meaning “bird.”
11. Amelia: Of Old German origin, this name means “work, industrious, striving.” Nickname is Lia.
12. Grace: Of Latin origin, this is a virtue name meaning “favored, blessed.”
13. Lily: This name comes from the name of the flower and is Latin in origin.
14. Matilda: This is an Old German name meaning “mighty in battle.”
15. Ruby: Referring to the red gemstone, this is an English name.
16. Jessica: Name was coined by Shakespeare for use in his play, The Merchant of Venice.
17. Zoe: Meaning “life,” this name has Greek roots.
18. Hannah: This name means “favored grace” and is of Hebrew origin.
19. Sarah: This classic name from Hebrew means “princess.”
20. Emma: Meaning “entire, universal,” this name has Old German origins.
21. Georgia: The feminine form of George, this name comes from Latin.
22. Jasmine: This plant name refers to the fragrant climbing plant.
23. Lucy: This name means “light” and has Latin roots.
24. Madison: Once used as a boy name, this means “son of a mighty warrior.”
25. Sophia: This name means “wisdom,” just like its similar version, Sophie.

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