Cool dad builds an amazing VW bus bed for his little daughter

Feb 9, 2015 at 8:30 p.m. ET

You say you want an awesome bed for your kid? Maybe you should make a completely incredible VW bus bed, like this dad did.

The coolest dad ever, who has appropriately dubbed himself DIYDad, built this sweet custom loft bed that looks just like a real Volkswagen bus, with authentic VW parts and everything.

His daughter was outgrowing her crib, but he wasn't really keen on too many of the toddler beds that were available — and he writes that the cooler kinds were pretty expensive. As he was browsing Craigslist, he ran across an ad for free VW parts (a bumper, hubcaps and a few other parts), and he picked them up and began to form his plan.

VW bed frame

Image: The Treehouser

With another Craigslist find (a bunk bed frame he scored for $30), he started to build the bed, and even though he admits that his project grew far beyond the original scope, it also grew way, way cooler.

VW bed construction

Image: The Treehouser

The completed project was meant for his little girl's third birthday, and while it took months to plan and construct, it was done for the big day. Of course, she loved it, and he reports that she is still sleeping in it, three years later.

I love it. It's perfect for a kid because it expands the floor space of the room, giving her a place to play in as well as a place to rest. I love the doors, I love the real VW pieces and I love how DIYDad worked so hard to make it look completely badass. It's colorful, it's cool and it makes noises. Perfect for a kid.

VW bed complete

Image: The Treehouser

Having said that, I want one in my room. Who wouldn't love a bed that has space below? I could fit a desk in there, rig some awesome lights, and when I was done working, I could climb up and slumber away. It would look so cool I'd want to keep it in my living room so everyone could see it. C'mon, DIYDad, hook me up.

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