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40 Things that really do cause autism

Wondering what really causes autism? Don’t worry. Twitter has you covered. And as everyone knows, the best place to get information related to making serious medical decisions about your child is social media.

Here are 40 things that really do cause autism. Avoid them at all costs.

  1. Licking stamps
  2. Saying “vaccination” three times in a row
  3. Mowing grass after it rains
  4. Playing the jazz flute
  5. Mom jeans
  6. Leaving the toilet seat up
  7. Listening to The Dark Side of the Moon backwards
  8. Slipping on a banana peel
  9. Frozen yogurt
  10. Socks with sandals
  11. Facebook
  12. Eating after midnight
  13. Listening to Justin Bieber
  14. Fracking
  15. Being born
  16. Reddit
  17. Organic food
  18. Feminists
  19. The internet
  20. Saturday morning cartoons
  21. Twerking
  22. Brussels sprouts
  23. My Little Pony
  24. Reality TV
  25. Hot dogs
  26. Politics
  27. Taking selfies
  28. Sequels
  29. Darth Vader
  30. College
  31. Fried food
  32. Killing spiders
  33. Broccoli
  34. Chuck Norris
  35. Ouija board
  36. Bacon
  37. Rebecca Black
  38. Nationwide commercials
  39. Crocs
  40. Gary Busey

If you made it this far, you’ve gotten a taste of #ThingsThatReallyDoCauseAutism, a viral hashtag that took a scathing look at the phenomenon of correlating autism with everything from vaccines to getting little boys circumcised.
The hashtag isn’t about poking fun at those on the autism spectrum. It’s about criticizing people who spread medical myths. The hashtag reminds anyone capable of critical thinking that wild theories about what “causes” autism aren’t helpful to parents or kids.

No, autism spectrum disorders aren’t a joke. But using social media to spread obnoxious misinformation is a joke — and not a very funny one.

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