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Police say family staged horrific kidnapping to teach 6-year-old a lesson

In a series of the worst child rearing decisions that have ever been made, a Troy, Missouri, family kidnapped a 6-year-old boy to teach him to not be “too nice.” Because nothing says responsible parenting like threatening a small child with sex slavery.

Police say the boy’s aunt asked a 23-year-old co-worker, Nathan Firoved, to pose as the main kidnapper. The boy’s grandmother reportedly agreed that this was a totally legitimate way to teach a little boy a lesson about talking to strangers. All three adults have been charged with kidnapping, felonious restraint and abuse/neglect of a child for hatching and acting out this ridiculous plot.

Firoved allegedly lured the boy into his pickup truck as he got off the bus after school. When the frightened boy began crying, he threatened him with a handgun.

You’d think the levels of stupidity and abuse would top off there, but no. Firoved bound the child’s arms and legs, covered his face and dragged him into his basement. There, the boy’s aunt pulled down his pants and yelled at him about his future in sex slavery and how he shouldn’t have gotten into the car with a stranger.

Did these people watch way too much Arrested Development? Fake kidnapping is only funny on TV. In real life, it’s a despicable crime that should definitely make you ineligible to interact with children for the rest of your life.

The entire kidnapping lasted about four hours. Fortunately the little boy was able to explain what happened to school authorities, who did the right thing and reported it. According to investigators, the family doesn’t think they did anything wrong. Not the waving a gun at a child. Not tying him up and terrorizing him. Not pulling his pants down and screaming about sexual abuse. Nope. That was just some good old-fashioned educating according to these abusive a-holes.

Thankfully the child has been placed into protective custody. Hopefully he’s being surrounded with love and support after what he went through and was brave enough to report.

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