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Home lice treatment ends tragically with a child’s death

A 1-year-old baby in Massachusetts suffocated over the weekend due to an at-home head lice treatment that involved covering her head in mayonnaise and a plastic bag.

My heart goes out to the family dealing with this horrible tragedy and I cannot even imagine the pain they are going through, and I’m sure they wish if they could turn back time they never would have covered their daughter’s head with a plastic bag. I think it bears repeating that you should always keep all plastic bags away from infants and toddlers; it’s just too dangerous and scary especially when we read about cases like this. From Mass Live

“Police were called to a home on Cass Street on Saturday afternoon for a report of a child not breathing, Delaney said. The first officers on the scene found the child, a girl, had apparently suffocated while undergoing a treatment for head lice, he said.”

“Specifically, the child’s relatives covered her scalp with mayonnaise and then put a plastic shopping bag over her head, he said.”

“The child was apparently then left unattended for some time, and the bag somehow slid down over the child’s face and suffocated her, he said.”

There was another child in the home with head lice, but the family members had shaved his head instead.

If your child does get head lice, the CDC recommends over-the-counter treatments, the washing of bed linens and clothing in high temperatures and contacting your pediatrician.

This story is so sad and tragic and it serves as a reminder that we all need to be careful to keep all plastic bags away from babies and small children. My heart goes out to this family.

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