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Adorable baby loses battle with a shadow, but wins our hearts (VIDEO)

When something startles us, we usually run away from it and scream. Not this baby.


This baby is many things: well-dressed (the white shirt-green pants combo is very in right now), so insanely cute it almost hurts and already extremely brave, as evidenced by the very clear take-the-bull-by-the-horns attitude.

We fell in love with this beautiful wide-eyed baby as soon as we saw how perplexed the little tyke was by the shadow. But then the baby gets on all fours, stares down the shadow and sets up for battle — and now we would like to adopt the baby, who appears to be a little hero in the making.

Another thing we found completely adorable about this video? The toddler in the background who finds the whole thing hysterical. This family is full of children who are just too cute.

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