Jennifer Hudson spills the beans about how to calm crazy kids at bath time

If you’re looking for another reason to love American Idol diva and Golden Globe, Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson, here it is: She’s a mom, and she has to deal with a crazy kid just like the rest of us.

When she’s not busy relishing in her general awesome-sauce, Hudson balances work and family as a working mom to her young son David. Hudson is currently partnered with Johnson’s Baby on their new “So Much More” Campaign, and she took some time out of her full schedule to dish about what every mom loves to talk about — babies.

Jennifer Hudson

Johnson’s new global campaign focuses on the importance of a calming bath time ritual as a way to stimulate a baby’s senses and provide an opportunity for parents to connect with their child before bed. As essential as bath time is each night, it’s not always sunshine and roses. As a mother of two toddler boys who are more likely to wrestle than take a quiet bath, this is a dilemma I face often.

With a young son of her own, Hudson can relate. When asked about her typical bath and bedtime routine with David, she says, “Weekdays are more of shower days [because of school], and on weekends, he says, ‘Mommy, I want to take a bath!’ So we take a bath. He has all his little toys, so many toys that he can barely get into the bath!”

Bath time at the Hudson house sounds about as wild as bath time at my house, but Hudson shares that baths get even more fun with age. Since her son is no longer a baby, she says, “Now we have letters, so I use it as a time to teach him.”

Hudson plays and moves around sticky bath letters to teach her son to read. She calls it “elevating” bath time as a chance to connect with David and keep track of what he is learning.

Hudson looks forward to bath time specifically because it provides that pocket of time to bond without distraction or phones at the end of the day. She explains, “All that stuff goes away, so it’s just you and the child, and you can focus on that and put all of your energy into them.”

For Hudson, the appeal of the bath time ritual comes down to the solitude and the special time you can carve out with your child at the end of the day. Because of this consistency, Hudson has noticed a positive change in David — he is calmer and more independent as he learns how to master his own nighttime routine. Even better, Hudson finds bath time relaxing for herself as much as her son. She says, “Everything goes away. I end up finding myself enjoying it more than he does.”

So there you have it — JHud may be ridiculously talented (and I still carry an American Idol-sized torch for her), but she’s not above getting splashed in the bath by her son. Though it can be challenging to stick to a soothing routine and commit that time to your child each night, Hudson sees the bigger picture.

When asked about her favorite part of being a mom, her reply is both heartwarming and straightforward, “My son! It’s as simple as that.”

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