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Easter activity: painting plant pots

While the spring flowers are shooting up in the garden take advantage of the Easter school holidays and turn a boring terracotta plant pot into a great paint-splattered activity.

Painting plant pots is an inexpensive activity, creates an ideal gift and brightens up the garden. Look for taster emulsion paint pots at DIY stores for a cheap selection of colours. Due to the porous nature of terracotta clay it soaks up quite a lot of paint so you will need more than you think.

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When it comes to the design the world really is your oyster. Let your imagination run riot. You do not have to paint just flowers. How about stars, insects and patterns? Or you could even paint a face then place a plant like thyme in the pot and this can grow to be the face’s hair.

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Here we have two different, simple methods to make your painted pots dazzle.

How to paint flower pots

This is a fun and messy activity. Cover any surfaces with newspaper or plastic sheeting and wear an apron or old shirt as both acrylic and emulsion paints are difficult to remove. You can get water-based emulsion paint that makes the clear up a bit easier.


  • Terracotta plant pots
  • Emulsion or acrylic paint in a selection of colours
  • Paint brushes
  • Newspaper
  • Foil
  • Masking tape

Directions 1:

  1. Paint a neutral coloured base coat on the pot and allow it to dry.
  2. Using a paintbrush paint your chosen design directly on to the pot.
  3. Depending on the design you use you may want to wait for each layer to dry before applying the next layer of detail.
  4. Once you have finished allow the pot to dry completely before using.

Directions 2:

  1. If the pot has a hole in the bottom tape over this from the inside using the masking tape to stop paint going inside the pot.
  2. Screw a large piece of foil into a ball and place the pot on top of this upside down on the newspaper. The foil keeps the pot above the newspaper to stop it sticking while it dries.
  3. Take your first colour of paint and drizzle it over the pot. For the first layer you need more paint than you expect as you want it to run down more or less the whole length of the pot.
  4. Take your second colour and drizzle it over the pot. Repeat with all the colours until you are happy with the design.
  5. Allow the pot to completely dry before removing the foil and masking tape.
  6. Fill the pot with a plant to make an ideal gift.

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Photo courtesy of Heidi Kenney

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