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Perfect pregnancy keepsakes

From a cast of your bump to a glam preggie photo shoot, there are many special ways you can record your pregnancy for posterity. We smeared ourselves in plaster and busted out a few poses while considering the options…

Woman showing off pregnant belly outside

Positive pregnancy tests

Keeping a plastic stick you once weed on may seem unseemly to some but for many women this is the most important memento of all as it was their longed-for proof of pregnancy.

Photo shoot

Make sure you get at least one good preggie photo by handing over the task to the professionals. Bump shoots are big business for photographers so you shouldn’t have any bother finding a snapper locally. If you’re in need of inspiration look no further than Pinterest.

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Scan pics

Your first peek at baby’s cheeky chops is a moment you’ll never forget. You’ll usually get two chances to pick up a pic on the NHS, at around 12 and 20 weeks, and a souvenir snap can usually be yours for a nominal fee of about £5.

4D scan

If plain old 2D isn’t enough, there are plenty of privately-sourced packages out there including clearer, 3D images and fancy-pants 4D. Snap up a swanky souvenir DVD package and save the prized, hi-tech memory for all eternity.

Bump art

Emblazon your bump with some stupendous artistry then capture the lot in a special photo shoot. Various places offer this service and the artist is usually happy to work with you to create your personal bump-art vision. If you don’t feel like sharing your stretch marks with the world, but would like a record of your bump, this could be the ideal compromise.

Box of mementos

Fill it with your names lists, a journal of how you’re feeling during the pregnancy and what your hopes are for your child plus scan pics, pregnancy tests and more. Once baby’s born, add their name bands from the hospital and a record of their early milestones.

Bump cast

Get your kit off in the privacy of your own home and prepare to create a life-size reminder of your beauteous bump. There are plenty of bump-cast kits available online, including this one, which has three metallic colour options — gold, silver or bronze.

Photo diary

Get your other half to take a weekly profile shot of your blooming bump, starting at around 12 weeks if you’d rather not include the early spare-tyre stage. Once baby’s born you can flick through them all on the computer and marvel at your expanding waistline. If you’re so inclined, snap pics of your reducing waistline post birth as well.

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