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The best books to teach kids about the facts of life

Explain the facts of life to your kids without embarrassment using these fun and informative sex-education books.

Sometimes when children ask those awkward questions about sex, relationships and growing up, it’s easier to explain the facts of life with the help of a book. SheKnows recommends these sex-education books for kids.

How Did I Begin? by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom

Suitable for children aged five and older, this book explains simply the process of conception, pregnancy and birth. It uses illustrations that will appeal to children and has a friendly, light-hearted tone. Without going into too much detail, it provides enough information for a child to be content with their understanding of the subject.

Where Did I Come From? by Peter Mayle

This book is suitable for older children as it provides much more detail about sex and relationships. The tone of the book is humorous but not patronising. Some parents may feel this book is too honest about the experience of sex but it is ideal for those who want their children to get “no-nonsense” facts from a book, rather than the playground.

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Let’s Talk About Sex by Robie Harris

Let’s Talk About Sex has been praised for including up-to-date information for the 21st century child, including sections on internet safety, AIDS and homosexuality. This book was recommended by The Telegraph for older children. It answers almost any question a child could think of about sex in an accurate, informative and appropriate way.

Where Willy Went by Nicholas Allan

This picture book is one of the most popular sex-education books. It isn’t quite as graphic as its title suggests, as Willy refers to a sperm who makes a journey from Mr Browne’s body to Mrs Browne’s. The book is funny, light-hearted and describes sex as a swimming race between Willy and 300 other sperm to win the prize of an egg.

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