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Must-have back to school accessories

Everyone is enjoying their summer break, but the kids will be back at school for the autumn term before you know it. There are a few cool accessories now available that will make both their life, and yours, a little easier (and they’ll look fabulous too).

Times Table Hard Shell iPhone case

Now, this may seem a contradiction, but the fact is a lot of young, times-table learning children now have iPhones. If yours is one of them then this is the perfect back-to-school accessory. Not only does it protect the very expensive piece of equipment inside, but your child can learn his or her times tables en route to school. It is designed to fit the iPhone 4 or 4S. No doubt they’ll adapt it once the 5 comes out too.

Times table iPhone case

Times table iPhone case (Proporta, £9.95)

Kipling lunch box

Kipling have long been associated with high quality, durable, lovely-looking bags. Now, they’ve turned their attention to lunch boxes and this is the best yet. The shoulder strap is removable and the main compartment is lined with elastic mesh and insulation to prevent food getting squashed and keep it fresh. Best of all, the bag is nylon so it is very easy to clean and your kids will love its fun, atypical design.

Kipling lunch box

Kipling lunch box (, £50)

Notting Hill Rose long pencil case from Cath Kidston

Her ethereal floral prints in delicate pastel shades are unmistakeable and all girls heading back to school will adore her rose-printed, petal- pink pencil case. It is long enough for all pencil sizes but not so bulky it’ll take over her bag. Match it with the beautiful Notting Hill Rose rucksack (Cath Kidston, £25) to really give her some street cred.

Notting Hill pencil case

Notting Hill pencil case (Cath Kidston, £8)

A personalised gym bag is a one-stop website for everything kid-related that can be personalised. At just £7.50, these gym bags will ensure your little one doesn’t come home with another child’s dirty socks.

Personalised gym bag

Personalised gym bag (, £7.50)

Converse All Star Hi Sock

Exclusive to JD Sports, these junior All Star trainers by Converse are perfect for boys or girls. Available in grey (with pink detailing) or blue (with black and white detailing) they look the part but they’re also good for your kids’ feet. Priced at £35, they’ll see you well through to next term (as long as your children’s feet don’t grow in the meantime). Available in sizes 3, 4, 5 and 5-1/2.

Converse All Star high sock

Converse All Star Hi Sock (JD Sports, £35).

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