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Summer holiday kids activities

It’s that time of year again — the period many mums dread with six whole weeks of entertaining the kids. To help you find things to keep them busy, here are five great school holiday activities which they will enjoy and which more importantly will tire them out!

Family Camping


All kids love camping and it’s a great way for them to experience the outdoors. If you are available for a few days, why not drive to a local National Park or find a campsite which has lots of local walks and things to do nearby. Tents are not that expensive for a basic model and are great fun to make home for a few days — the kids will love it. If you cannot commit to a couple of days away from home, ask your kids to invite a few friends round, erect the tent in the garden and voila! As long as your garden is completely secure they can spend the night in the tent on their own. Just don’t expect them to have had any sleep by the morning!

Kids at the park

The local park

Council-run parks are very underrated in Britain and people don’t seem to use them to their full potential. The parks themselves are beautiful and bursting with wildlife and plant life. They usually also have big open spaces, perfect for a game of rounders or football. The play areas are great places for the kids to burn off a few calories and somewhere they can meet their friends or even make new ones. Parks sometimes run activities during the school holidays which are very reasonable and a great way to keep the kids out of trouble. To find out what is available, pop along to the park information desk. You will probably be surprised at what is on offer.

Child at the zoo


Kids love nothing more than looking at animals, whether it be cats, dogs or polar bears. The zoo is a great place to take them in the holidays so they can see wildlife they would never get the chance to look at normally. Zoos usually have an entertainment programme during the holidays and there will be special activities the kids can join in as well as the usual exhibits. Zoos can be pretty pricey though, so make sure you check out any online deals and money-off vouchers before you visit. A quick Google search will help with that one.

Mom and daughter swimming


Swimming is one of the best activities anyone can do. It is a gentle but effective exercise that strengthens your core muscles and is good for your cardiovascular health. Kids love swimming and taking them to the local baths once a week or so while they are on holiday is a great way to keep them busy. When you first visit, ask if there are any passes you can buy as many baths offer weekly or monthly passes at a lower rate than if you simply pay each time you visit.

Cinema club

Kids love going to the cinema and enjoy nothing more than a big comfy chair and a carton of popcorn while watching the latest releases. However, the cinema is very expensive these days and you may be reluctant to allow them to visit more than once in a while. This is where cinema clubs come in handy and many cinemas have them in the summer holidays. All clubs are different but offer the same value for money. They usually hold viewings several times a week for club members at a much lower cost than the standard ticket prices. If your child fancies themselves as a film buff or just enjoys the cinema experience, look into signing them up with the local cinema. It may be well worth it over the six weeks they are off. They will also be looked after by trustworthy, trained staff so you can go off and indulge yourself for a few hours without worrying about their safety.

Little girl watching 3D movie

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