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Perfect end of term gifts for your child’s teacher

There is nothing kids look forward to more than watching their class teacher open their end of term present. Here are some great ideas which won’t break the bank and are as thoughtful as you can get.

A gift for the teacher
Child giving teacher a gift

It is more and more popular these days to give expensive and extravagant presents to teachers; however, they appreciate everything they receive whether it cost £50 or £2.

Photo frame

A photo frame with a photo of the class in is always a lovely keepsake. You can buy photo frames especially for this purpose in gift and card shops or alternatively you can make your own. There are several kits available for making your own frames which are very cost effective and also make for an extremely thoughtful present since your child can personalise it in any way they wish.


Toiletries are always well received and many high street shops sell little gift sets which vary in price from just a few pounds. Your kids will enjoy visiting a shop to pick out their teacher’s present and can even spend time putting together their own tailored gift if the shop offers that service. The Body Shop is a great place for reasonable and quality gift sets with the option to buy a ready-made one or make your own.


These are a better option than flowers at the end of term because they are less likely to aggravate any allergies the teacher or pupils may have and they will last longer. Plants can be bought for pennies which means that, although they are a very sweet present to buy, they can also be kind to your wallet. Make sure you buy the right plants for the season though; you don’t want to buy something which has just flowered and won’t again for 12 months. Ask the advice of staff at a reputable garden centre and you can’t go wrong. Many places also sell plants as gifts which come in pretty pots or holders and are perfect for your child’s teacher.


Sometimes if can be difficult to buy for the class teacher, especially if you don’t know much about them, which is why vouchers can be perfect. However make sure you give vouchers or a gift card and not cold, hard cash as many teachers may find this inappropriate and not very thoughtful. A voucher for a beauty treatment, bookshop or clothes store is ideal and means they can choose exactly what they want.


After a term of looking after 30 plus kids, a bottle of wine may be just what the doctor ordered! Choose a good quality one — it doesn’t matter if it’s white or red unless you know they have a preference — and wrap it up nicely, either in a special wine bag or proper wrapping paper. Make sure you see your child hand it to the teacher as you need to ensure it reached them and didn’t end up in the hands of your 13-year-old and their friends after school.

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