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Kids Wimbledon activities

Wimbledon may pass many kids by each year with tennis being the last thing they are interested in. However, by getting them involved in Wimbledon-inspired activities, you can encourage them to learn more about the historic tournament and even ignite an interest to play themselves.

Kids playing tennis

Strawberry and cream dessert

Strawberries and cream is the dessert of choice for many Wimbledon spectators and has long been a tradition of the event. To get your kids in the spirit, why not ask them to make up their own Wimbledon-inspired dessert using these main ingredients along with some others such as meringue, chocolate flakes and strawberry sauce. Let them loose in the kitchen to create their own recipe and when they’ve finished everyone can sit down to enjoy the desserts in front of a match.

Play tennis

A rather obvious one, but there is no better way to get the kids involved in the tournament than to encourage them to play the sport itself. Tennis can be great fun and the rules are easier to learn than some sports, meaning kids catch on faster. It is also a great workout, perfect if the kids are in the habit of sitting in front of the television playing computer games. Tennis can either be played in the garden or at local courts, many of which can be booked at fairly short notice. Racquets can also be hired or bought at reasonable prices.

Homemade tennis racquets

A great craft activity to keep the kids busy is to make their own “pretend” tennis racquets. All that is needed is some strong card and craft decorating materials such as glitter glue, felt tip pens, stickers and paints. Draw round the outline of a real racquet on the card, cut it out and then let the kids decorate it any way they wish. They will enjoy being able to use their imagination and can even decorate some tennis balls, too, if you have some available you are willing to use.

Designer tennis tops

Plain polo shirts in the style worn by tennis stars are always in the shops at this time of the year and are pretty reasonable. Inspire your children with all things Wimbledon by getting them to decorate the
t-shirts with their own unique design. You can buy fabric paints and craft materials from many craft shops and supermarkets and it is a great way for the kids to be creative and have something useable at the end. Shoe pumps or trainers can also be bought and decorated in the same way.

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