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5 Fun and educational half-term activities for kids

Over half-term it can be hard to know what to do with the kids to keep them entertained. You have exhausted most options — they have been out in the garden and have watched a few films. They’re now bored and you have run out of ideas, yet sticking them in front of the television goes against your better nature. To help save the day, here are five kids activities which are fun, but also educational, so you can rest assured they are learning while having playing — a winner for everyone!



Scrabble is a double whammy as it not only helps kids with their spelling and vocabulary, but it also helps their maths as they take great delight in adding up their scores for each round. The aim of the game is to think of a word which will fit onto the board and gain the maximum amount of points possible. By thinking of unusual words or letters, kids can be rewarded with high point scores which will encourage them to use their imagination and push their vocabulary limits. And yes, it is also great fun!


Nothing will improve your kid’s vocabulary better than a good old game of hangman. Your kids will have great fun avoiding the nasty rope and will learn lots of new words in the process. This classic game costs nothing to play and as long as you can think of words to play with, a game can go on and on. It encourages children to think of words and expand their vocabulary and can also be a great way to bond with your children.


Charades is a great role playing game which can bring the whole family together for some good old traditional fun. It helps kids learn about syllables, vocabulary and word descriptions and is a great way for children to discover the meaning of words they may not have already known and actions which correspond to certain words.

Playing shop

Young children love to play shop and have a great time selling their wares to their friends and family who take on the guise of customers. This role play is actually a great way for children to learn how the world of day-to-day business and buying and selling works. They will also learn simple maths, adding up and subtracting and how to use money.


These puzzles can be very entertaining and will keep kids busy for hours while honing their maths and English skills. Sudoko is a game of logic and it can take a lot of patience to succeed, which is also a great attribute for a child to acquire. Books full of these puzzles can be bought for only a few pounds and there are hundreds on the internet which can be printed out or completed online.

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