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5 Ways kids can celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee

In a few days the whole country will be getting ready to celebrate the Queen’s impressive 60 years on the throne. With house parties, street parties and events everywhere, what a great excuse for families to get together and have some fun! Although many children will not know much about the Royal Family, here are some great activities to get them involved — and they could learn a thing or two!

Little girl dressed up as a queen

Interview grandparents

Many children won’t know much about the Royal Family yet. However several members of the family may remember something about Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, including grandparents and great-grandparents. They could tell the kids their experience of the event and any others they remember. It is a great way for children to bond with older members of their family while learning about their culture and the history of the Royal Family. Most grandparents will be over the moon to have been chosen and will feel very flattered that the little ones want to learn from them.

Make bunting

If you are going to a street party, bunting is the perfect accessory to take with you. It is up to you whether you make a paper or fabric version: Both are very simple but the fabric ones will at least survive if it rains. Simply cut out triangles of material and glue or sew them to some durable string or ribbon. Repeat as many times as you wish and voila!

Make your very own crown

Kids love to dress up and there is nothing better than becoming a queen or princess for the day with fancy dress. Since it is the Diamond Jubilee, a crown is very apt and can easily be made at home with a few arts and craft materials. Heavy card or foam sheets could form the base and it can then be decorated with sequins, glitter, paint, “diamonds” or anything your child wants.

Jubilee cakes

Kids love baking and one of the best ways to involve them in Jubilee celebrations is to bake some tasty themed cakes, perfect to take to any celebrations you may be attending. Fairy cakes are one of the easiest options and kids can be creative with them by designing any topping they fancy. Use coloured icing in patriotic colours (red, white and blue) or baking supplies such as coloured balls and mini gems (diamonds?) to decorate the cakes. Many shops that stock specialist baking supplies have perfect Jubilee decorations for cakes, which could also be used.

Write a note to the Queen

Kids don’t write nearly as much as they used to these days and so wouldn’t it be nice to sit down with your kids and pen a little congratulatory message to the Queen herself? Before you start writing it, talk about her reign, how old family members were at the time, historic events that have happened during her time on the throne and then ask your children to write down a few things they want to say to her. Then, together, help your little one(s) to write a letter, in their own handwriting, to the Queen and send it off to her. You may or may not receive a reply but it is a lovely bonding exercise for you both. And make sure you keep a copy to show them when they have grown up!

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