Tackling the top five worries of new mums

Although having a baby is an extremely happy time, it can also be one of the most stressful events of your life. There are so many worries and fears which raise their heads when your baby arrives, even if you are reassured everything is OK. Here are the top five worries that new mums have and how to banish them.

Mum with newborn baby

Is my baby normal?

When your baby is born one of the first things most parents ask is, “Is everything OK?” Your baby is so small and vulnerable it can be hard to rest easy that everything is fine and that your newborn is developing the way she should. In the first few days after the birth your baby will reach several milestones, but it is important to remember that not all babies develop at the same rate, so don’t compare your baby’s development with anyone else. In nearly all cases where the mother is worried, the baby is developing just fine.

Is my baby getting enough to eat?

When you are formula feeding your baby it can be a little easier to measure the amount of food they are getting, so this worry applies more with breastfeeding mothers. Mums worry that maybe they aren’t producing enough milk, they worry their baby isn’t getting enough and some even worry whether the quality of their milk is good enough. This is more a confidence thing that anything and mums need to learn not to doubt their body’s ability to provide for their infant.

Is my baby crying too much?

Many mums feel panic if their baby cries a lot and worry that they are in pain, uncomfortable or that something is wrong with them. Babies all cry varying amounts and at different noise levels, so just because your baby cries more than your friend’s, doesn’t mean there is something wrong. It is also absolutely fine if your baby doesn’t cry much at all, some babies are naturally calm and don’t cry or make much noise for the first few months.

Will my baby catch an infection?

When many mums bring home their tiny little bundle they worry that every germ and particle will make them ill. They also worry that any visitors could pass on infections and colds to their baby if they are in close contact. While there is some truth in this and hand washing must become a very important routine in the house of a newborn, mums also have to learn to relax when it comes to germs. Even though they are tiny, healthy babies already have a pretty effective immune system which can fight off day to day infections and foreign bodies. That doesn’t mean, however, if you think your baby is ill you shouldn’t get in touch with your doctor.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

All parents would be lying if they said they didn’t worry about SIDS from the moment their child is born. The unknown nature of the fatal condition makes it all the more scary. However, what needs to be remembered is that it is extremely rare. This won’t stop you checking your baby about fifty times in the night just to check they are breathing, but try and not worry too much about SIDS as there is little you can do about it and it is very unlikely to ever happen.

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