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4 Tips to help your kids pass their exams

Exams can be a very scary time for kids and one where they may need a lot of support and help. Some parents can hinder their children and their progress during the exam time without realising it by becoming stressed or controlling — which is the last thing your teenager needs. Here are four tips to help your children pass all of their exams without putting too much pressure on them.

Boy taking test in school

Plan ahead

Exams are never sprung on pupils and everyone knows when the important ones occur within a school calendar. Plan ahead and sit down with your child to write out an exam timetable. Start months before and only do a small amount of revision daily at the beginning, then amp it up when the exam starts to rear its ugly face in the distance. Revising at the last minute and “cramming” the night before are never very effective ways to revise and should be avoided at all costs. By starting early you will eliminate the need for them to do it all in a few weeks or days before and your child can concentrate on getting a good night’s sleep in the days running up to their big day.

Do not pressure kids

There is nothing worse than a pushy parent who forces their child to sit down and revise constantly. Of course, if a child were left to their own devices many wouldn’t do much revision, but supporting them and encouraging them is the key — not pressuring them into something they are too tired to do or need a break from. Talk to your child about what they feel is a realistic revision plan and ask them to discuss it with you rather than you just telling them what is going to happen.

Make sure they are healthy

Your child needs to eat well while taking exams so provide them with whole foods and give them healthy energy boosting snacks to take with them to school. Encourage them to take exercise and if they are studying at home, ask them if they want a break every now and again. Offer to take a walk with them as this is a great way for them to get fresh air and you can do a bit of revision on the way!

Be positive

Try not to appear stressed or worried in front of your children, even if you are a bag of nerves inside. Make sure they know that whatever happens you love them and will support them, and tell them that you are confident that they will do very well in their exams. If your child is getting upset or stressed about their impending exams, take their mind off revision for a few hours and take them shopping, go for a walk or even just have lunch where the topic of school, revision and exams is banned.

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