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5 Tips for choosing a baby name

A recent study has suggested that parents who regret the name they chose to give their child are becoming more common. This may be because of the recent trends to name babies with odd and eccentric names which are in fashion at the time, only to want to turn the clock back when the name dates or becomes unfashionable again. So you don’t fall into this trap, here are five tips for choosing a baby name you won’t regret.

Mum with newborn baby

Don’t rush

Rushing into choosing a name is something many parents do thinking that they have to name their child before they leave the hospital. The truth is that actually, your child can remain nameless for quite a while before you need to ultimately decide. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you have 42 days (6 weeks) to register your child’s birth with the General Records office and in Scotland, it’s within 21 days. Both deadlines give you loads of time to discuss and think about your name choice without having to rush into it.

Decide on classic or modern name

Names fall largely into two categories nowadays: a classic traditional, name or a modern, slightly alternative choice. Names such as “David,” “Andrew,” “Sarah” and “Jessica” are all traditional names and have been around for hundreds of years, falling in and out of popularity every decade or so. However, a new breed of name has popped up in the last twenty years, largely brought on by the influence of celebrity culture and the names people in the public eye have named their children. Now, place names, fruit, surnames and made-up words are all popular first name choices and it appears that “anything goes.” So you have a starting point, you both need to decide whether you like the idea of a traditional name or modern name and narrow it down from that. Each style is so different you will have an obvious preference without tooing and frowing too much.

Think of places that mean something to you

If you have decided that a modern name choice may be the one for you, start by thinking of place names that mean something to you. The Beckham’s first child was named after the place he was conceived, Brooklyn. You don’t have to go as far as this, but anywhere that holds fond memories for you could be an option for your baby.

Go on your first reaction

Most people instantly like or dislike a name and when choosing a name you should go with your first instinct. Names rarely grow on you and you don’t want to be in a position where you wish you hadn’t gone for a certain choice. A great way to discount names is by sitting with your partner and firing names at each other only allowing a few seconds for a reaction before moving on to the next one. This will whittle the choice down in no time and force your real opinions to come out without the option of thinking too hard about it.

Don’t agree on a name you don’t like to please

Some people agree on a name simply because their partner loves it and then regret the choice in years to come. Remember that name will be around forever and your child will form their identity around it. If you have doubts, don’t agree to it just to please someone else, and try to come to a compromise and a name choice you both like. The opposite also applies and persuading your partner to agree to a name he is not keen on will only end in disaster. Your partner may end up resenting you and regretting the decision in the future which won’t heed well in your relationship. Compromise is the key.

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