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Easter activities for the children

Easter will soon be upon us and with the kids now off for a couple of weeks, they will need to be kept busy over the holiday period. Here are five great ways to keep them entertained over Easter and out of trouble!

Easter egg hunt


Kids love to have fun in the kitchen and what better way to keep them occupied at Easter time than baking! From little fairy cakes to chocolate crispy cakes to biscuits, there is nothing more enjoyable. When you have made some yummy treats, invite the family around or pop to the grandparents’ house with the kids to show off their culinary skills. The kids will love showing off and the family members can tuck into some sweet treats.

Have an egg hunt

Egg hunts have been going on for years and although traditionally boiled eggs were used, now cream eggs or chocolate Easter eggs make a great sweet alternative. Invite the family, neighbours and your children’s friends and if you don’t have a garden big enough to hide eggs, go to your local park and do it there. Kids love to seek things out and will have a great time eating what they discover afterwards!

Organise an egg race

Egg races are normally a sports day activity, but why not have one over Easter and use chocolate cream eggs instead to make it a little exciting? Invite all your friends and family and have a kids race and an adults one with the winners not only getting to eat their cream egg, but also getting a prize. It is games like this that are so enjoyable over the holiday period and bring friends and family together.

Boiled egg painting

Egg painting can really bring out your child’s creative side and get them in the mood for Easter. You can use felt pens, water based paints, food colouring or oil paints to paint the eggs and if your child is particularly pleased with one they have painted, use clear nail polish over the top of the design so it doesn’t rub off. You could later use the eggs in an egg race or just display them over Easter for visitors to see.

Find out what is on locally

If you have exhausted all the activities at home, check out what is going on in your local area over the holidays. Many arts and craft business have activities going on for the children and theme parks and National Trust stately homes sometimes have Easter egg hunts and will keep you and the kids busy for hours. Your local tourist information centre or the local paper will be able to inform you of anything that is going on, but you may have to sign up before you arrive on the day, so check out the terms and conditions!

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