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Holidaying with the kids

Around this time of year many families sit down to decide where they want to spend their annual family holiday. However, with children it is sometimes harder than parents think to plan a trip the whole family will enjoy. To make life easier, here are five holiday ideas guaranteed to please everyone.


Camping is a great way for the whole family to get outdoors and enjoy nature without the usual modern-day distractions such as television. Camping sites are normally full of other children and so it is a good way for them to make new friends. Camping also helps children learn new skills such as building a fire (supervised, of course!) and gives them the opportunity to be more physical than they normally would be. If you visit an organised campsite there are usually children’s activities, meaning the kids can go off and enjoy themselves safely, giving the adults a chance to relax and have some time to themselves. Camping is also relatively cheap compared to a package holiday abroad, so it may be an excellent choice in the current economic climate.


If you want your sun fix but need a holiday that is also suitable for the kids, consider an all-inclusive resort abroad. Family-friendly, all-inclusives offer all sorts of clubs and activities for the children, while adults have some time to relax on their own. There is also usually entertainment at night so you and the children can enjoy a meal and a show without wandering around unsuitable bars and restaurants in the evenings. Depending on what level of all-inclusive you opt for, your meals, drinks and entertainment may all be included in the price you have already paid, which helps with your budgeting. It also means children can top up their refreshments without having to ask mum and dad for money.


Cruises used to be the playgrounds of the rich and famous and certainly out-of-bounds for children. However, in the last few years there has been an increase in the amount of cruises that offer family-friendly holidays and all the trappings that come with them, such as stops at exotic locations. For parents who want a luxurious holiday and the chance to see several destinations, but need something that also caters to the kids, this could be the solution. Family-friendly cruises have childminding services, children’s activities and workshops and also offer adults luxury and relaxation.


If you like the idea of familiarity then a timeshare may be the best option for a young family. Buying a villa for a certain amount of time each year means you only need to pay for the flights when you go on holiday and you know what to expect when you arrive. The children will be somewhere they recognise and can socialise with friends they met last time they visited. The whole concept can help you have as relaxed a holiday as possible with no unexpected surprises.


If you have the funds, skiing can be a fulfilling, physical, family holiday, which also helps the kids develop a skill. Many skiing packages cater to families, from novice skiers to advanced ones, and every stage in between. There are ski schools for both kids and adults, resorts full of shopping and restaurants and other great activities such as tobogganing and snowboarding to sample.

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