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How to burp your baby

How to burp your baby

Gently yet firmly patting your baby’s back is the easiest way to bring up trapped wind. The most popular burping positions are:

  • Against you shoulder. Rest your baby’s chin on your shoulder. Support their body with one hand and pat their back with the other. Some parents find this position more effective if they pace the room or sit in a rocking chair while patting their baby.
  • Sitting upright. Hold your baby in an upright position on your lap. Support their chin with the palm of your hand and gently lean them forward while patting their back with your other hand. Take care to ensure that you are holding your baby’s chin, not their throat.
  • Lying belly down. Lay your baby face down across your lap, making sure that their head is slightly higher than their chest. Support their head and gently pat or rub their back.
  • Top tip: To prevent a messy clean-up job, always remember to place a cloth over your shoulder or under your baby’s chin to catch any milk that may come up with the burp.

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