Novel names for baby boys and girls

Sep 26, 2010 at 10:47 a.m. ET
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Would you like to name your child something no one else in his or her future class will be called? Fed up of Jack, Tom, Mary or Molly? We searched from Egypt to Argentina to bring you the top exotic names for your baby girl or baby boy.

Unique baby names

Whether you are searching for a baby name that reflects your native culture or just love the sound of an exotic name, you are sure to find the perfect name in our list below. If giving your child an ethnic name, it's probably best to have a back up story or a real attachment to the country. We all know Brooklyn Beckham, for example, was conceived in that New York borough. Make sure, when your child is old enough, to explain the origin of his or her name.


The 2nd largest country in South America to Brazil, Argentina is known for exotic dances like the tango and cities like Buenos Aires. Inspiration for baby names may come from everything from the Roman Catholic faith to the unique landscape and animals of Patagonia.

Argentinian boy names:

  • Santiago, Tomas, Franco, Joaquin, Fabian, Lautaro, Emile, Esteban, Herve

Argentinian girl names:

  • Sofia, Agustina, Lucia, Julieta, Milagros, Camila, Elize, Fanchon, Gabie, Ines


Ancient civilizations and symbols, such as the pyramids, have survived in this African country. A mix of Muslim and Christian religions as well as languages that include Arabic, English and French, all make for an exotic mix of potential baby names.

Egyptian baby names can be inspired from religion, nature and Egyptian Gods.

Egyptian boy names:

  • Abasi - meaning stern
  • Chisisi – meaning secret
  • Darwishi – meaning saint
  • Fenuku - meaning born late
  • Lateef - meaning gentle

Egyptian girl names:

  • Akila – meaning intelligent
  • Bennu – meaning eagle
  • Femi – meaning love
  • Layla – meaning born at night
  • Zaliki – meaning well born


Blue lagoons and snow glaciers make Iceland an exotic and one of a kind location – both traits new parents may be looking for when considering an exotic baby name.

Baby names may be influenced by languages that include English, German, Icelandic, and Nordic languages as well as the Lutheran religion.

Icelandic girl names:

  • Lilja – meaning Lily
  • Svana – derived from German word swan
  • Valdis – derived from two Nors words "the dead" and "goddess"

Icelandic boy names:

  • Ari – meaning eagle
  • Hinrik – Icelandic form of Henry
  • Gunnar - meaning warrior
  • Thor – meaning thunder
  • Bjorn – meaning bear


The music, wildlife and island help make this part of the world exotic and remote. A mix of English, Dutch, Indonesian, and local dialects along contribute to choosing a baby name, as is the countries conservation efforts and natural wonders. Baby naming traditions in Indonesia include a ceremony, typically when the baby is a month old or younger.

Indonesian boy names:

  • Agus – meaning good
  • Asmara – meaning love
  • Banyu – meaning water
  • Cipto – meaning to create
  • Fajar – meaning sunrise
  • Katon – meaning visible
  • Lemah – meaning the ground

Indonesian girl names:

  • Putri – meaning princess
  • Peni – meaning pretty
  • Nur – meaning light
  • Murni – meaning pure
  • Indah – meaning beautiful

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High elevations and it's proximity to the equator are characteristics of this East African country. Religions include Catholics, Muslims and faiths indigenous to the region as well as the English language and dialects spoken in the area. Some Kenyan's believe that a baby's name will have a strong influence on the child's personality.

Some recent news suggests that Kenyan parents are naming their children after prominent figures in the news including prime ministers, former UN leaders like Kofi Annan, and President Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan.

Kenyan boys names:

  • Gakuru
  • Gitonga
  • Hiuhu
  • Lusala – meaning whip
  • Kanja- produced from water
  • Makori
  • Pili – meaning second child

Kenyan girls names:

  • Akello
  • Chanya – meaning Kenya
  • Felistas
  • Hamisi
  • Mumbi

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