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School causes girl to pee her pants and sends her home in a diaper

If your daughter had an accident at school and came home wearing a diaper and boys’ pants — and you weren’t notified — how upset would you be?

An elementary school teacher told a kindergartner she couldn’t use the restroom, and the young girl wound up wetting her pants. Adding insult to injury, she was given boys’ pants to wear, plus a pull-up style diaper. What?

According to Goldie Kingett and her daughter Chloee, the kindergartener was in music class when she asked to use the restroom. Her request was denied, and Chloee accidentally peed her pants. She reports that her classmates were grossed out by the accident, which was extremely embarrassing for her.

She was then sent to the office, where she was given a spare pair of pants to change into (“boys’ pants,” Chloee says), and she was also given a diaper to put on so she could make it the rest of the day. And to make matters worse, Kingett says the school didn’t bother to notify her, and she didn’t find out what happened until the school day was over.

I understand that school teachers want children to learn routine and to take advantage of bathroom breaks when they have the opportunity to do so. They also want to minimize all the goofing off that sometimes happens when kids have free access to the restroom. It happens. I know this. In fact, the school hasn’t contradicted these allegations — it has said that the music teacher thought the kids had used the restroom prior to music class, which is why she denied Chloee’s request.

However, kids don’t always operate on schedule, and Chloee says that she was so uncomfortable, she was wiggling and fidgeting badly enough that the teacher warned she’d be disciplined if she didn’t stop. It was completely obvious that Chloee had to pee, and pee she did.

The other part that bothers me is that the school gave her a pull-up style diaper to wear. Is this the way the school treats potty accidents? If so, they might want to rethink that. Kids sometimes have accidents, especially small children like kindergarteners. If a child wets often enough that she’d have a need for a diaper, that needs to come from the parents, not school officials. It’s certainly not appropriate for an isolated accident.

I don’t blame this mom for being mad — I would be too.

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