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Richard Sherman is anticipating the only thing bigger than the Big Game

Richard Sherman, who plays for the NFL in Seattle, is expecting his first child soon — so soon, in fact, that his heavily pregnant girlfriend traveled with him to Arizona for the Super Bowl.

During the week leading up to the Super Bowl, speculation swirled around the dad-to-be, whose girlfriend, Ashley Moss, shared some insider info about being super pregnant with the couple’s first baby. The big question? If she goes into labor before or during Super Bowl XLIX, will the superstar cornerback play?

Rest easy, Seahawks fans. The couple isn’t too worried about Dad missing any game time. Moss explains that if she goes into labor prior to kickoff, “I guess we’ll have a Super Bowl baby, and if you see Richard heading for the locker room right after it hits zero in the fourth quarter, don’t be surprised.”

In fact, Sherman says that his little boy will be doing his daddy his first big favor and will be staying put until the big day is over. “He’s not supposed to come on Sunday,” he told reporters. “But I think he’s a disciplined man and will wait.”

Moss sat down and talked with a reporter about their upcoming addition. She said that the whole Seahawks organization has been extremely supportive, and the couple has been surrounded by family the entire week. They have decided upon a name but are keeping it a secret until he’s born. But she did spill that he will share his father’s initials, RKS (though definitely not a junior). She muses that she wonders whose personality their child will take on — outgoing like his dad, or on the quieter side like his mom.

An NFL player becoming a dad isn’t uncommon news, but it’s sweet to see a football player talk about his child-to-be and his hopes and wishes for him. I’m curious to see if Sherman will become leaky eyed like T.Y. Hilton so adorably did when he talked about his newborn daughter earlier this year, and the power of dads talking about their kids really never gets old.

Football and babies may be two of my favorite things ever — it’s awfully fun to see the two converge right before the biggest game of the year.

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