Toddler gets a phone call from his dad, completely loses it (VIDEO)

All seems to be going swimmingly and adorably wonderful during a phone call between this little boy and his dad. But when the call drops out and his dad phones back, the boy’s reaction is priceless.


When was the last time someone called you and you got this excited? We hate to break it to this kid’s dad, but his excitement seems to stem more from the fact this cell phone is making noise and less about the fact his dad is the one making the call. The boy’s dad sounds a little like Chris Pratt, though, so if his excitement is less about the ringtone and more about who’s on the other end, we completely understand why the call elicited such a reaction; we’d lose our minds, too, if Chris Pratt called us.

Don’t be too demoralized, though, Dad. Your son’s clear affection for you was very much on display when he adorably tried to kiss your face on the screen while talking to you. But it’s good to know that all you need to do to send your son into a state of complete wonder is hang up and call back.

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