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Watch your favorite NFL players talk about being a dad (VIDEO)

Current and former NFL players talk about fatherhood in this touching commercial that just might make you cry.
Current and former NFL players, including DeMarcus Ware, LaVar Arrington, Fred Jackson and Kurt Warner, sat down to reminisce about their own dads and what it means, for them, to be fathers. While not all of them had father figures to look up to, many did — but what they all have in common is that they realize how important they are in their children’s lives.

In this touching pre-Super Bowl commercial (put out by Toyota), they were asked, “Is being a good dad something you learn, or a choice that you make?” The men talk about their own fathers, what they learned about fatherhood as they grew up and how they are using their own experiences for raising their own kids. “Being a dad, it doesn’t have anything to do with blood. It’s not biological,” says Warner. “It’s about a choice that you make to love your children.”

It’s heartwarming to see these big and burly men, who are in a profession where players are praised for their physical virtues while playing a violent game, talk about how much fatherhood means to them. As you watch their kids interact with them, you can see the love and pride pass between father and child.

And I adore Jackson’s little boy at the end, who, when asked what kind of a dad he wants to be, pats his dad on the shoulder with a wide smile and says, “This kind!”

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