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Horrifying PSA shows exactly why you need to anchor furniture (VIDEO)

Yesterday the Consumer Product Safety Commission published a video showing the dangers of untethered furniture, appliances and televisions. I’m heading to the hardware store as we speak.
I can still remember — in horrifying slow motion — being 4 years old and deciding to climb my dresser like the dummy shown in the video. Fortunately the only casualty was a creepy clown lamp, but it wasn’t a mistake I made twice. I anchor major furniture in my house, but I’m not sure I’m doing enough.

The CPSC reports that people are injured at a rate of one per every 15 minutes from accidents involving toppled furniture, appliances and TVs. Worse, one child dies every two weeks from related injuries. Watching dummies get crushed was enough to turn my stomach; I cannot imagine the horror of seeing this happen to my own child.

The good news is you can prevent this from happening in your home by following some simple lifesaving tips for furniture safety. Walk around your home, and wobble things around a bit. You might be surprised how little weight it takes to unsteady a top-heavy item. Be sure to clue in the grandparents and anyone else you visit frequently, and check things out at day care. You can pick up inexpensive anchoring supplies at any home improvement store or place that sells baby gear. Don’t fret about drilling into your walls, even if you rent your home — walls can be patched!

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