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This 2-year-old who dances to dubstep is cooler than you (VIDEO)

This video of a 2-year-old dancing to dubstep has us asking two questions: 1. When did toddlers become cooler than us? 2. Is it bad that we sorta know what dubstep is, but also sorta don’t?


Welcome to the future is right — the future winner of So You Think You Can Dance? To be honest with you, we’ve never known a child to be so smooth. Heck, we barely know adults who are as smooth as this kid. He’s so fluid in his slow-mo movements, we feel like perhaps he should be choreographing the next Step Up film (and let’s be honest, they will never stop making those movies, so there’s bound to be another one soon).

Despite our sincere admiration for the child’s talent and his cuteness factor, our love for him reached all-new heights when he asked for the music to be switched off. To be honest, dubstep’s sick beats (that’s what the kids say these days, yes?) weren’t floating our musical boat, but give us a few more videos of this kid dancing to that kind of music and it may very well become our new favorite thing.

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