High school student attacked a teacher for taking away his cell phone (VIDEO)

A high school freshman in New Jersey was arrested Friday and charged with assault after attacking his teacher for confiscating his cell phone.

Lots of teens have cell phones. They are helpful if your kid works after school or takes part in after-school activities or you want to keep tabs on them when they are out with friends. But before you let your kid have a cell phone, you should probably give them a very stern lecture that they aren’t allowed to attack their teacher if their teacher takes away their cell phone, like this kid in New Jersey did. According to NorthJersey.com

The district filed a complaint against the student earlier this week, a spokes­woman said, and Paterson police said they arrested him at his home on Friday.

“We took a statement from the teacher today,” said Capt. Heriberto Rodriguez. “After that, we went out and found the juvenile and arrested him.” The teenager was charged with third-degree aggravated assault, the captain said.

David Cozart, principal of operations at JFK High School, said the incident happened during a physics class.

He said the teacher apparently confiscated the phone — which belonged to the assailant — from another student. The principal said students are allowed to use cell phones in class for academic purposes, but staff may take the devices and return them at the end of the day if students use them for other reasons.


The kid in the video has been suspended, but what I want to know is what made him think this behavior was OK to begin with? I know this makes me sound all old and crotchety, but what the hell is wrong with kids today? Back when I was a teen I could never imagine talking back to a teacher, much less attacking them. Plus, it’s extremely troubling none of the other students in the class rushed to help their teacher. I don’t know about you guys, but if one of my kids ever acted this way being suspended would be the least of their problems.

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