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Watch kids get stuck in stuff, feel better about your parenting (VIDEO)

The number of children who manage to get their heads stuck in potty training implements would shock you. Unless you’re a parent, in which case, you know all about it.


Kids really do put their butts in the darndest places, don’t they? If there is a lesson to be taken away from this video, it’s that if there is a tiny gap somewhere in your house, your child will find a way to get stuck in it.

Even more concerning is that some of the children in this video seem to be on the older side, making us question why they’re sticking their faces in plungers or getting their teeth close enough to carpet to get their braces stuck to the floor. Why aren’t they playing computer games like every other self-respecting child their age? You know you’re in for a fun time as a parent when you have to nag your child to stay away from the plunger, rather than urge them to leave the computer and go outside and play.

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