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Adorable 7-month-old Grace wins $50K as 2015 Gerber Baby (VIDEO)

We all know the Gerber Baby, just like we all know the Muffin Man. The fresh-faced Gerber Baby drawing has been on baby food jars since the dawn of time. Now Gerber has upped their game by choosing a real-life ‘spokesbaby’ with a face too adorable for words.

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Seven-month-old Grace of East Petersburg, Pennsylvania, really is that cute. If you are wondering what level of cuteness is required to become a real-life Gerber Baby, just take a look at that sweet little mug, and tell me that your heart doesn’t burst into a million happy pieces.

It’s no wonder that Baby Grace beat out over 180,000 other babies auditioning for the Gerber gig based on her cuteness alone. As the winner of the 5th Annual Be Our Baby Photo Search, Grace was awarded $50,000, a year’s supply of Gerber Baby Food and the title of the official 2015 Gerber ‘spokesbaby’ featured in a Gerber advertisement.

Gerber Baby

Image courtesy of Gerber

For over 80 years, Gerber Baby Food jars featured the oh-so-familiar charcoal sketch of a baby, 5-month-old Ann Turner Cook. Now 87, Cook reigned supreme in this classic drawing as the original Gerber Baby on baby food products since 1928. Five years ago, Gerber announced a photo contest to choose a new Gerber Baby to represent the company.

Clearly, the new Gerber Baby has big shoes to fill. Would it make you feel any better to learn that Baby Grace is a natural? Gabrielle, Grace’s mother, recounted how the now-famous snap was taken, “The photo that won was taken only five photos from when I started taking pictures of her that day.”

“She must have taken her hands out of her mouth and posed them like that for a split second because I didn’t even realize how cute she was posing until after I was completely done taking pictures and looking back at what I had just taken.”

Judges of the online Gerber “Be Our Baby” Photo Search 2014 explained that out of all the entries, from newborn to preschool age, they were looking for that certain “it” factor. A baby that had “it” would appear expressive in the photo with a look consistent to Gerber’s heritage. Gerber Marketing Specialist Cassie Savage said that it was Grace’s “captivating charm” that stole the show.

The judges were right — people just can’t get enough of Grace. As one commenter said, “This is epic cute. Someone get me the president on the phone.”

I don’t know about you, but this sweet little girl is so cute that I just want to eat her up with a spoon. Maybe I’ll settle for some Gerber Baby Food instead.

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