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12 Adorable babies in football uniforms, just in time for the Big Game

Unpopular opinion, but one of my favorite parts about Super Bowl Sunday is watching the Puppy Bowl — on a separate TV, of course. That and looking at OMG-adorable babies decked out in football gear to represent their parents’ favorite teams.

If you’ve been living under a parenting rock like I have, you may not know that Super Bowl XLIX Sunday is coming up on Feb. 1, 2015. Get your butt in gear, start pinning delicious buffalo chicken ranch dip on Pinterest and check out these unreasonably cute babies to get the party started.

And if you happen to be the parent of a small baby during football season, this is your chance — dress that baby up and represent. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of having a baby, besides procreation and love and the like, is that they will sit there like a cute blob for hours.

Throw on your favorite sports team’s onesie, add a football beanie and prop your baby up in a Bumbo before your Super Bowl party. As your guests arrive, they will ooh and ahh over how cute your baby looks at each long-anticipated commercial break. You heard it here first.

You can use one of these 12 adorbs Super Bowl babies as inspiration, in no particular order: 

1. Buffalo Bills

Let’s call this dapper dude “Buffalo Billy.”

2. Chicago Bears

Image: Etsy

The honorary Little Bear Cub.

3. Dallas Cowboys

I can’t even with the cuteness of this Dallas Cowgirl.

4. Denver Broncos
Gotta give these parents props for making it a #BroncosFanatics family affair.

5. Green Bay Packers

If I wasn’t a Packers fan before, I am now.

6. Miami Dolphins

Image: Etsy

Her adorableness is going to be the biggest distraction on game day.

7. New England Patriots

Our first 2015 Super Bowl contender — as soon as he fills out that jersey.

8. New Orleans Saints

Image: Etsy

Who Dat Baby.

9. New York Giants

Start ’em young, I always say.

10. San Francisco 49ers

Image: Etsy

The hat, the face, the smile — in a word: irresistible.

11. Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl 2015 contender number two, and he looks… adorably unenthused.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers

Image: Etsy

I have never seen such a happy — or cute — Steelers fan in all my life.

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