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Non-Mushy DIY Valentines for Kids to Give Their Teachers

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The holiday of hearts, heart doilies, heart candy and heart-shaped pillows/stuffed animals/fluff-filled things.

For parents, it’s also often the holiday of trying to super-glue teeny googly eyes onto 24 Tic Tac boxes to attach to a card that says something probably corny and definitely punny like, “You’re a breath of fresh air, valentine!” And for teachers, Valentine’s Day means receiving many, many, (oh, so many) of those aforementioned corny cards scribbled with an adorable illegible signature from one of their little students. Chances are, your child’s teacher will admire that card, maybe take a photo to put on Instagram (#TeacherLife) and then promptly toss it in the trash. But not this year.

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We’ve put together eight of the best valentines your kid’s teacher would love to get — that won’t end up in the trash. These easy — and cheap — DIYs will definitely put a smile on Teacher’s face — no googly eyes or lovey-dovey hearts in sight. But maybe a few puns. OK, definitely a few puns.

 DIY Non- Heart Valentines Gifts For Teachers | DIY Valentine's Day Card
Image: Skip to My Lou

Question: Which dietary staple allows teachers to keep up with throngs of clamoring children and keep a smile starched on their faces?

Answer: In the words of Lorelai Gilmore, “coffeecoffeecoffee.” Instead of buying a teacher stock in Starbucks, this is a nice way for them to know you feel their early morning pain. Head over to Skip to My Lou for the free printable.

DIY Non- Heart Valentines Gifts For Teachers | DIY Potted Plant
Image: Reality Daydream

There is no such thing as too many plants. Pot a succulent, cactus or some other supposedly impossible-to-kill plant (be kind to those of us without a green thumb) in this adorable DIY jar — and your child’s teacher will have gorgeous and heartfelt desktop decor year-round. The fine folks at Reality Daydream have the complete step-by-step instructions (with pictures).

DIY Non- Heart Valentines Gifts For Teachers | DIY Teacher's Emergency Snack Stash
Image: Eighteen25

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Give this “Teachers Emergency Stash” valentine from Eighteen25 for that time of day when all the kids are almost ready for dismissal and the teacher just needs something (or two things, or three things) sweet to get them through those last minutes of the day. They will appreciate this handy stash of chocolate treats — and sure, if you want, you could even use heart-shaped chocolates.

DIY Non- Heart Valentines Gifts For Teachers | DIY Brownie Making Kit
Image: Eighteen25

I warned you about the puns. You can pick up all the items for this valentine at the grocery store without spending too much money and find the printable tag at Eighteen25. Or you can easily design your own. You could also write, “Hoping for brownie points,” and put brownie mix inside the oven mitt. Or more to the point, “I’m sorry I always drop my kid off 20 minutes late every day. Thanks for putting up with us. Happy Valentine’s Day.” Honesty never hurt.

DIY Non- Heart Valentines Gifts For Teachers | DIY Cute Lip Balm Card
Image: Jolly Mom

Beeswax lip balm + some tape + a printer + puns, puns, puns are all you need for this adorable DIY from Jolly Mom. Because nothing says, “I see you supervising recess in the dead of winter,” like a fresh stick of lip balm, right? It’s a surprisingly simple and thoughtful valentine.

DIY Non- Heart Valentines Gifts For Teachers | DIY Movie Night
Image: Crafting Chicks

After dealing with kids all day, every teacher deserves a night to turn off their brain and binge-watch some movies. Download this free printable tag from Crafting Chicks (the link to buy Redbox codes is there too) and add a soda, a bag of popcorn and your favorite movie theater candy — and movie night is set. Teacher’s pet material for sure.

DIY Non- Heart Valentines Gifts For Teachers | DIY Scented Candle
Image: It’s a Fabulous Life

Your kid’s teacher will love this valentine candle DIY from It’s a Fabulous Life, and even if she can’t burn it in the classroom, it will still smell delicious (you know, in addition to the usual classroom smells: crayons, stinky kid feet and a dash of mac and cheese).

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DIY Non-Heart Valentines Gifts For Teachers | DIY Wine With Custom Label
Image: Airborne Vintage

Let’s be real: Your child isn’t always a little ray of sunshine, and their teachers are the ones who have to put up with it. This honest Valentine’s Day wine bottle DIY from Airborne Vintage gives Teacher a gift they really want, plus lets them know you’re aware that sometimes, your little angel is a little devil.

Lazy loaded image
Image: Eighteen25. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

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