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This dad calling out his daughter’s racist bullies is a true hero

A father by the name of Brad Knudson was so upset by his daughter being bullied on Snapchat that he took to YouTube to call out the kids doing it.

This video is hard to watch. Not only because the dad is so sweet that you will feel so strongly for him, but also because he plays voice mails left by the father of the disgusting girls who said horrific things about his daughter. The voice mails he receives are beyond foul.
I don’t blame him for taking to YouTube to vent about the bullying his daughter is receiving, because according to MyFox Twin Cities, he did everything in his power to make the bullying stop:

“Upset and aware of the destructive behavior bullying can prompt, Knudson called the twins’ parents, left messages on their home phone, went to their house, but couldn’t get in touch with them. Then, he went to the police. Police at Prior Lake High School apparently talked to the girls and the parents, who issued their cell phone number. Knudson called the twins’ father, Deron Puro, who told Knudson the explicit language was commonly used around his house and didn’t think much of it, Knudson says in his YouTube video.”

The father explains in the video that they adopted his beautiful African-American daughter 11 years ago, and they have dealt with racism on occasion, but never to this degree. He also states he is worried about what effect the bullying will have on his daughter, because hearing these types of things is so damaging to kids. The dad in the voice mail should be ashamed. Of himself, of his daughters. No wonder his kids act so horribly when they have him for a father.

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