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How to create easy Valentine’s Day finger paint art with kids

Help your child create some beautiful valentine artwork for your home. With a little prep work and some painter’s tape, you can turn simple finger paint into something a little bit more extraordinary.


Valentine's Day love art supplies

  • Artist’s canvas
  • Painter’s tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Paint


1. Make your heart

DIY Valentine's Day art step 1

Lay several strips of painters tape out on the table so that they overlap each other. Use your pen to draw a heart shape, then carefully peel the tape from the table and cut out the heart shape.

2. Make the letters

DIY Valentine's Day art step 2

Stick the heart shape to the upper right corner of the canvas, then use painter’s tape to spell out the other letters. Be sure to press down firmly along the edges of the tape to ensure a good seal.

3. Add the paint

DIY Valentine's Day art step 3

Squirt the different colors of paint all over the canvas.

4. Spread the paint around

DIY Valentine's Day art step 4

Now comes the fun part. Gather your little helpers and have them use their hands to spread the paint around on the canvas. Make sure that all of the white parts of the canvas are covered.

5. Reveal your design

DIY Valentine's Day art step 5

After the paint has dried, carefully peel the painter’s tape from the canvas.

6. Display your masterpiece

DIY Valentine's Day art

Now you are ready to display your kid-made Valentine’s Day art.

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