Prankster dad fills entire house with thousands of plastic balls

Jan 19, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. ET

Roman Atwood is known for pulling pranks on his family, like when he dressed up a dummy in the same Batman PJs his kid was wearing and threw him off the balcony. This prank is a lot less terrifying and a lot more fun.

A dad from Los Angeles, California, decided to have some fun with his kids and surprise his wife by filling his house with hundreds of thousands of plastic ball pit balls. And a trampoline.


This looks like a lot of fun and I wish someone would fill my house with a gazillion plastic balls, but I would also hate having to be the one to clean that mess up. Maybe they have some sort of specialized ball-sucker vacuum they use to get all the balls up so you don't have to pick them up armfuls at a time. I certainly hope Roman's wife didn't have to help because as you saw in the video, she worked all day and had a 40-minute commute. I kind of hope he served her a nice dinner while she relaxed in her brand-new ball pit.

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