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This baby hears a blender and makes the best face you’ll ever see (VIDEO)

If you are a parent of a little baby, we guarantee you’ll be running out to buy a blender after you watch this video.


When we saw this baby’s amazing facial expression upon hearing the buzzing of a blender, our faces also generated what we’re sure were equally amazing looks of bewilderment. Also amazing? All it took for him to stop crying was for someone to switch on a blender. We did spend some time pondering what got him crying in the first place. We briefly considered that perhaps he didn’t enjoy being on the washing machine, but he clearly likes appliances so that can’t be it.

We can guarantee you this, though: It won’t be long before they’re selling blenders next to strollers in baby stores. OK, we can’t guarantee that, but if it does happen, you heard it here first.

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