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Poet Staceyann Chin and her daughter share key message on consent (VIDEO)

The concept of consent is crucial and one we should be exposing our kids to from an early age. But how? Poet and activist Staceyann Chin and her daughter Zuri show you just how easy it can be to talk to your kids about consent in a way they’ll understand.
The video is a part of Chin’s “Living Room Protest” series, in which she talks with Zuri about various social justice issues, all in a way that is accessible to a child. In their latest, Chin and her daughter discuss Zuri’s feelings over being picked up. Zuri says she doesn’t like when people pick her up without permission, and as she talks, her mother both empowers her to share these feelings while reminding her to be clear about what she’s asking for.

The topic of consent seems to be pushed to the wayside for many parents until their children are teens and all of a sudden it becomes necessary because of sex and rape. But why should that be the first time kids understand what consent is all about? For some it might be too late. Consent isn’t something that should be relegated to talks about sex. Instead, let’s start talking about it when our kids are young. Not only will it help them better understand the concept, but it will provide them with more agency over their bodies, a strong voice to talk about it and the understanding about respecting others and their bodies as well.

Chin and her daughter delve into it at their access point: being picked up. For other kids it might be about unwanted hugs or tickles. Whatever it may be, empower your children to speak up for themselves and their bodily autonomy and to know that they have the power to give consent — or not — to being touched, picked up, tickled, etc…

I for one love how Staceyann and Zuri Chin tackle consent and can’t wait to see what’s next for them in their “Living Room Protest” series!

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