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Fifty Shades of Grey baby names

The highly anticipated film version of Fifty Shades of Grey premieres Friday, Feb. 13, 2015. Take your baby name inspiration from one of the fascinating characters of the decade’s sexiest story.

It’s “mommy porn” at its finest. E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey — an international best-seller with 10 million copies in more than 30 countries — has turned up the heat with these truly memorable characters.

The girls of Grey

Anastasia: The Russian meaning of Anastasia is reborn, while the Greek meaning is resurrection. Famous bearer is St. Anastasia, a fourth century martyr and daughter of Tsar Nicholas II.

Carla: A feminine version of Charles, which means manly, the name’s origins can be traced back to Spain, Germany and England.

Grace: The name, which has been enormously popular in the U.S. over the past decade, is a Latin name that means God’s favor. For a more unique option, try the Irish variant of Grace — Grianne.

Elena: The lovely Italian moniker means shining light or bright one. Elena is a relative of the name Helen.

Katherine: Latin and Greek origins define Katherine as pure. Alternate spellings of this classic baby girl name include Kathryn and Catherine.

Leila: A name of Persian origin, this name meaning born at night was once a boy’s name.

Lily: The ultra-feminine name pays tribute to the pure, white flower of Easter. It can also be spelled Lilly.

Mia: In Israel, Mia is a feminine variant of Michal. The Latin and Italian meaning, on the other hand, is wished-for child. Some consider it a derivative of Mary or Maria, which means bitter.

The boys of Grey

Christian: This Greek name means follower of Christ.

Carrick: Carrick is a rugged Gaelic/Irish name that means rocky headland. Expect to see this unique moniker quickly climb the popularity charts.

Elliot: This name is the Greek form of the Hebrew Elijah, which means Jehovah is God.

Jack: The Hebrew meaning of Jack is supplanter. During the Middle Ages, Jack was such a common English name that it became synonymous with man and boy.

José: A Spanish/Portuguese name, José means may God give increase.

Ray: The meanings of Ray vary by origin: grace (Scottish), radiant (Latin), regal (French), counsel (English) and mighty protection (German).

Taylor: This gender-neutral name means tailor. It was first used as a surname, then as a boy’s name, then as a girl’s name and now as a unisex name.

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