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Vanessa Carlton welcomes a baby girl: See her short and sweet baby name

Singer Vanessa Carlton and her husband, John J. McCauley, welcomed a baby girl after she suffered an ectopic pregnancy just 14 months ago. The proud papa shared a photo straight from the delivery room.

Carlton and her husband, Deer Tick lead singer McCauley, couldn’t be happier to welcome their baby girl into the world. In fact, the excited dad shared a newborn photo — and it appears he also revealed the baby name.

The photo shows McCauley holding his baby girl in his arms, with the caption, “Sid the Kid, whoa!!”

Sid is a short and sweet baby name for a baby girl. The couple could have also named her Sidney and are calling her Sid for short. Sid is actually considered a baby boy name of English origin that means “wide island.” The name is a unique choice, as it hasn’t ranked on the Social Security Administration’s popular baby name lists since 1961, when it barely broke into the top 1,000. The name Sidney peaked in 1998, ranking at 271, and now comes in at number 911 on the popular baby name lists.

The 33-year-old singer welcomes her daughter after suffering a scary ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the removal of her right fallopian tube in 2013.

“I was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy, or in my case it was a fallopian pregnancy (the embryo settled in my tube, which is the width of a straw),” she explained on her website. “This is not considered a viable pregnancy because the fetus cannot develop, and it is a high-risk situation for the mother because of the potential for tubal rupture and internal bleeding.”

Carlton went on to say she needed a mild dose of chemotherapy and later developed complications resulting in the fallopian tube removal. The singer was luckily able to get pregnant again and has had fun posting pictures of her growing baby bump.

“Sid the Kid” is truly a miracle baby, and Carlton and McCauley couldn’t be happier.

Tell us: What do you think of the Sid or Sidney?

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