The Holderness family rocks the big game (VIDEO)

Super Bowl XLIX is almost here and once again we are faced with a familiar dilemma … Where should we take in the big game and do we bring the kids?
Kim and Penn Holderness, of Christmas Jammies fame, had the same problem; but man, they always make everything look like so much fun! Plus, they have the absolute best end-game.

I was hoping Kim would just stick the kids with Penn and go out by herself to watch the big game with her friends and make him deal with bath time. The fact that the Super Bowl is on a Sunday is the dumbest idea ever, because parents know it’s always an argument about who gets the kids to bed for school on Monday. More times than not it’s usually the momwho ends up with this task while dad chills on the couch, watching the game and commercials and sipping a cold one. I vote that ladies take back the Super Bowl this year and make their partners bathe and watch the kids while they relax on the sofa and collect chip crumbs in their cleavage. On Monday the kids can vacuum up the floor.

‘It’s Sunday Night’ is brought to you by Hidden Valley Ranch.

Tell us: How will you be celebrating the Super Bowl this year? Will the kids tag along?

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