Girl’s balloon message to deceased father found 400 miles away

A young girl sent a balloon aloft with a message for her father, who has passed away. 400 miles later, it was found. But the story doesn’t end there.


A man leaving a restaurant found a deflated balloon in his path, and when he went inside to ask where the trash can was, a woman noticed writing on its sides. “Happy birthday dad,” the balloon reads. “I will always be your little girl, dad. Don’t forget that I miss you.” They soon realized that it was a message from a young girl to her father, who was deceased.

They were able to track her down and they discovered that she lived in a town in southern California. This was around 400 miles away from where the balloon landed in Auburn, which is part of the Sacramento metropolitan area. Restaurant owner Lisa Swisley said that there is a lot of open space between the two locations, and she feels that it came down near her business for a reason.

When she understood what they had found, she became emotional, and was inspired to put together a care package for the girl. She asked for donations through Facebook and will continue to do so until she ships the package this upcoming weekend, when she plans to send it to her school in Whittier, California.

Swisley said that in the letter penned on the sides of the star-shaped balloon, the bereaved girl asked for a sign. She hopes the package will be something that gives her some peace, and lets her know that people are thinking about her from far away.

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