20 Baby name suggestions for Benedict Cumberbatch’s Cumberbaby

Benedict Cumberbatch and fiancée Sophie Hunter are expecting their first child, and the internet has already dubbed the bundle of joy Cumberbaby. (Not to be confused with Cumberbomb.)

Since Benedict Cumberbatch has the best name on the entire planet, the stakes are pretty high.

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Whether he has a boy or a girl, everyone will be waiting to see if the child has as memorable a name as his father. Here are 10 baby boy names and 10 baby girl names fit for a Cumberbaby.

Cumberbaby boy names

  • Copernicus Cumberbatch
  • Bartholomew Cumberbatch
  • Deuteronomy Cumberbatch
  • Hortense Cumberbatch
  • Mordecai Cumberbatch
  • Nicodemus Cumberbatch
  • Oberon Cumberbatch
  • Remington Cumberbatch
  • Snickerdoodle Cumberbatch
  • Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (OK, this one is serious — it’s a family name and could very well be his choice for a boy)

Cumberbaby girl names

  • Ariminta Cumberbatch
  • Blanchefleur Cumberbatch
  • Gwendolyn Cumberbatch
  • Hildegarde Cumberbatch
  • Nymphadora Cumberbatch
  • Persephone Cumberbatch
  • Philomena Cumberbatch
  • Seraphina Cumberbatch
  • Tallulah Cumberbatch
  • Violetta Cumberbatch

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